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Empress Collection

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What it is: Perfected for over two years by Wildling founders: an acupuncturist, holistic esthetician and herbalist with thousands of hours of experience using facial gua sha in the treatment room to deliver skin transforming results that you can see immediately.  

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What's Included: 

Patented Empress Stone (full size) Our bestselling, patented facial gua sha tool that visibly lifts, sculpts, tones, and de-puffs the skin.

Empress Sweetfern Hydrasoothe Face Mist (1.7 fl oz - travel size) Vitamin C-rich toning mist brightens, de-puffs, and detoxifies.

Empress Balm of Gilead Barrier Repair Oil (0.5 fl oz - travel size) This oil is like Gua Sha in a bottle - visibly lift, plump, tighten, and tone skin.

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Britta's Tip: Practice 3 times per week up to daily for maximum results. 

How To Use: After preparing skin with Empress Sweet Fern Hydrasoothe Face Mist and Empress Balm of Gilead Barrier Repair Oil, perform Gua Sha Ritual. See here for a tutorial.

Empress Stone Care: Fragile, handle with care. To clean, wash with warm water and a skin friendly soap.