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Aura Body Collection

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What It Is: A four-part body gua sha and dry brushing system that works to smooth, tone, tighten, detox, and sculpt the body. Created by an acupuncturist, an herbalist, and a holistic esthetician to deliver skin transforming results that you can see immediately.  This system promotes healthy lymphatic flow, cellular detoxification, and releases tension in the body to create an energizing full body experience.

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What's Included

Patented Aura Stone (full size) Our patented body gua sha tool that visibly smooths, tones, tightens, detoxifies, and sculpts the body.

Aura Sweeper (full size) Artisan crafted body brushing tool stimulates lymph flow, boosts circulation, and reduces the appearance of rippled skin. Plant-based agave fibers gently exfoliate and energize the skin.  

Aura Seaweed Detox Body Mist (1.7 fl oz - travel size) An active, hydrating body mist that revitalizes and tones the skin.

Aura Rose Pepper Toning Oil (1.7 fl oz - travel size) A fast-absorbing, potent, plant-activated body oil that visibly smooths dimpled skin.

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Gianna's Tip: Practice 3 times per week up to daily for maximum results. 

How To Use: On dry skin, comb over the entire body with the Aura Sweeper. Prepare skin with Aura Seaweed Detox Body Mist and Aura Rose Pepper Body Toning Oil, perform Gua Sha Ritual. See here for a tutorial.

Aura Stone Care: Fragile, handle with care. To clean, wash with warm water and a skin friendly soap. Aura Sweeper Care: To clean, rinse brush with warm water and place the bristle side down to dry.